My name is Alberto, founder of Bottega Bossa and in charge of Bossa with the following duties: purchasing raw material, worker, artistic, public relations with clients, courier, cleaner, packaging, outfitting, public relation with the Italian Revenue Department, sometimes I like to help tourists (without speaking a word of English), psychologist without a bachelor, development of the area and valuing people, no profit real estate, clerk, public relations with the neighborhood, sales with foreign countries, marketing….and much more. Maybe most of the things I do are not done properly ……or maybe I am a simple craftsman for better or for worth. To be honest I like what I do.

The name of the bottega is dedicated to the Bossa Nova, a musical genre based on simplicity, lightness and elegance.


I produce handmade leather items that can be essential and handy at the same time, a wide range of products are available at Bottega Bossa from simple objects to professional suitcases, from hotel products to business gadgets.I always look for something that can be related to ‘ beauty ’, useful and comfortable trying to rediscover, at an affordable price, the quality of handicraft products made by traditional methods.


It is very simple to describe my job, I handcraft leather products. The products showed on this website are just some examples of what I am able to do. Products are created and designed here. By entering Bottega Bossa you can really smell the leather and there are lots of people going in and out only for a chat….. Music, design, travel, dreams, utopia, jokes….this is an ancient place, cozy and simple, Bottega Bossa plays its own role in the daily life of the neighborhood. When you enter Bottega Bossa you forget the big shopping malls, you drink your coffee and immerse yourself in spontaneous conversations without realizing timing passing by, until many stories together create a single story. Most probably you are visiting my website from somewhere in the world, but I would love that one day, maybe passing by Salerno, you will come and visit the Bottega and share with us a little of your time. I would be more than glad to assist you by giving directions, suggestion of what to visit and happenings in town.

Bottega Bossa is located in via Duomo, 14, right in the old town of Salerno, that has always been considered a medieval jewel. Here there was the headquarter of the Medical School of Salerno, the first and most important Medical Institute in Europe at the beginning of the Middle Ages, that reached its greatest magnificence between the X and XIII Century, and as such is considered by many as a forerunner of the modern university.


Salerno sits on the edge of the Amalfi Coast, together with Ravello, Positano, Sorrrento, Capri Island and Ischia, and so on… Naples is far only 30 minute drive by car, it is close to the Archeological Sites of Paestum, Pompei and Erculaneum. On the opposite side there is the Cilento Coast and the well known town of Palinuro and Marina di Camerota, the thermal sites in Contursi, the Natural Park of Cilento, and so on…..


Bottega Bossa constantly cooperates with Hobos Factory, audio visual art crafts located in Piazza Alario,(visit the website) and with Solo Acciaio (visit the Facebook Page).

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